Pruning and scionwood in Vista CA


I finally finished pruning and selecting scionwood from my Gold Monukka, Southern Home, and Black Monukka grapes. Glad that’s over! The remaining trees and shrubs will be much easier.


1,000 1"x10" tree strip tags from John Henry Company ( arrived today. I’ll use these to tag the scionwood I’m harvesting.


Here’s a box of about 160 cuttings I’m providing to the San Diego City chapter of CRFG scion exchange tonight.

1/24, 7pm.
Balboa Park, Casa del Prado, Room 101.


Strong work Richard.



Thanks Tony. Hopefully through my example the next generation can produce the same. :slight_smile:


Nice work Richard. This site has a great culture of sharing. You set a good example. I wish there was a scion exchange in TN.


Those peach/nectarine look nicer than I’m used to seeing. I’ve yet to get a successful peach graft on a handful of attempts. Although I’ve successfully grafted European plums to peach stock.


I selected the cuttings for rooting and made them long enough for anyone who wanted to graft portions with less nodes. :slight_smile:


Today I finished pruning the Mid-Pride Peach and Snow Queen Nectarine. Whew! Among the deciduous fruits I only have Jujube and Persimmon left.