Pruning Cherry Tree and Grafting

Hello, All,

I am going to prune a couple of sweet cherry trees that are growing strait upward and wanted to graft the sticks onto a rootstock that would really dwarf the tree, so that I may have cherry tree “mini me’s” that would be easier to protect. Anyone have rootstock suggestions?

Also, how tall should the primary limbs be? One has three main branches that are pretty tall, how tall should they be cut to? I was going to cut to an out-facing bud. The other has two main branches and side shoots so it will look like a Van Halen “v” when I am done, open center.

Someone down the road (only 300 less ft elevation) said he and his neighbor had their cherry trees covered in beetles when they were about 3” in trunk girth and they cut them down. I hope I have better luck. Why would beetles wait until the tree was bigger?

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That is when the beetles found them. Spray spray and spray and forget about the fruit that year so they can’t reproduce for next year.

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It takes about five years for all pests to discover your fruit. So it would not be unusual for them to take five years to find the tree.
Cherry trees grow to 40 feet the most one can dwarf them with rootstock is17 feet. To keep them smaller one must prune. I have done it. This tree is about seven to eight feet and it’s eight years old