Pruning help, fruit trees with double trunks, narrow angles

Hello everyone!

I’ve been a silent reader of this forum for a couple years and it has been so helpful! I was hoping I could get some pruning advice. Last January, 2021 I planted a small fruit orchard on a weekend property in the Texas Hill Country. We planted several bare root peaches, plums, pluots, apples, pears, etc. At planting, I cut the main trunks to knee level to start training the scaffold limbs. About 10 days after planting, we had the historic Texas freeze in February with several days of 0-5 F weather. All trees survived but many had a portion of the main trunk die and sprouted branches lower than the original knee level cut (but above the graft). I now have several trees with double trunks and narrow angles, below are some pictures. I am wondering how to prune those branches without injuring the rest of the trunk. It seems like if I try to fit my pruners in those notches I may injure the other trunk. Any advice? Thanks so much!

A little pocket saw works nicely in those situations. You might want to cut the unwanted trunks up high first, so that it doesn’t flop around too much - just makes everything to control.


hacksaw, serrated steak knife

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The sooner you remove the narrow crotches the better.
if there’s a lot of them
don’t try to do it all
in one season
the tree will create more .