Pruning is done!

I’m so sore. I did all my pruning this past weekend. Grapes, apples, pears, peaches, plums, ect. The peach trees were by far the biggest job. I had a massive pile of limbs after aggressive pruning of the peaches. It took almost just as long to clean up the mess. The trees look great, though. Hope I’ll actually get some peaches this year as late frosts have been my bane for the last couple of years.

In addition to all the pruning, I also did some planting. I still have a couple orders coming in, so I have more hole digging to look forward to. Then the spraying begins.

Hopefully, if things aren’t killed by frosts, insects, disease, animals… maybe I’ll actually get to enjoy some fruit after all this work!

Where is everyone else with planting and pruning?


Hi Rob,
I did a lot of pruning this weekend as well but not nearly as much as yourself!:relaxed: I pruned peach, plum and pluot trees-about 24 altogether. They are looking good and I sprayed them as well. I pruned my muscadines 2 weeks ago. I turned over the soil in a couple of my raised beds as well, about to plant potatoes this weekend!:grinning: I suffered a great deal of fruit bloom loses too, over the last couple of years, with the exception of 2 of my fruit trees, so I do understand where you are coming from. I think our location is very close. I saw you on the map!:relaxed:
I hope that the pesty little squirrel that bit into a lot of my peaches( from the 2 trees that did survive the freeze) has found a different location to hunt at!:angry: I purchased a couple of cherry trees a week ago as I intend to keep them in containers like a lot of trees that I have already. This past weekend, I came in the house kind of sore and tired from all the pruning, adding aged compost to the raised beds and containers of fruit trees, moving containers to locations close to the pollinating partners, checking out the whole yard, etc. Athough I was out there in the trenches, I was as happy and content as a kid waiting on Christmas! My knees cracked when I came in-but I felt as though I accomplished a lot.
It all adds up this Rob, the anticipation of hoping for the best harvest ever, never wanes. Does it? I hope that you get a good harvest provided we keep the critters from getting it first!:smirk:

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Rob, you may want to consider purchasing some KDL for spring freeze protection that was discussed on an earlier thread. I just this morning called the manufacturer and ordered a gallon for around $24. There are mixed reviews on it, the person with the company I spoke to says it can offer 3 to 5 degree protection from spring freezes. I figured for the relative low cost it would be worth a shot.

Chris, have you done all your pruning in your orchard yet? You know, I am still gonna hold you to the tour of your orchard when summer (or shall I say when the fruit) arrives! :yum:

@ahgrower Sounds like you also had a busy weekend! I see you’re in the Atlanta area. I’ve been back in TN for 10 years now, but before that I lived in the Atlanta area for about 10 years. The majority of that was in Gwinnett county. I still go back several times a year. I DON’T miss the traffic! :wink:

@Chris_in_GA thanks for the tip - I’ll look into it. I’ve had the most problems with peaches and plums. Red Haven has been the worst as it blooms the earliest, and always gets hit with a freeze. After four growing seasons maybe this will be the first year I get fruit from it. We’ll see.