Pruning persimmons and a curling pear graft

When and how should I prune the below persimmon trees?






And is this leaf curling grafted pear a lost cause (tons of rain lately)?

Weird curling leaves are very likely caused by cold temperatures.

You should stake your leaning trees unless you are intentionally going for that ‘growing sideways’ look.

Here’s what my go-to pruning / training book RHS Pruning & Training has to say about persimmons:

[…] persimmons fruit on the current season’s shoots,

Let dwarf cultivars develop naturally, but remove, in the early years, any badly placed shoots or those making narrow angles with the trunk.

Good formative training is crucial for all persimmons; the branches tend to be brittle and may break under a heavy fruit load. Branches with wide crotch angles are essential: select only the strongest laterals making wide angles with the main stem to form main branches.

Remove all weak branches. Because selection of shoots must be so rigorous, it can take five years to build up the framework of the tree. Routine pruning is not normally necessary (nor does the tree tolerate heavy pruning well). Trees often produce an abundance of twiggy growth; if the center of the tree becomes crowded, lightly thin in winter to promote air circulation and to let more sunlight reach the fruits.

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is <50 a cold temp? We haven’t been <40 for a couple of weeks and daytime highs are in the 80s now.
And how long to stake before these leans will stop happening?