Pruning schedule for Ontario

I’ve seen a few differences of opinion on best times to prune ( late fall vs spring) and I’d love some expertise from the group! Our trees are desperate for pruning as we moved in December and they hadn’t been pruned last fall or this Spring ( as we missed the window before buds started opening). We have apples, pears, plums, chums, cherries, elderberries and mulberries. We are in Prince Edward County in Ontario. As always so grateful for this forum!

Generally, I prune apples in the Spring. Cherries I prune in late August and early September. Sweet cherries can get canker and to reduce the risk of canker I prune August-September. I also prune the tart cherries then.

You can Summer prune apples and cherries to help to reduce vigor. The other fruits I don’t grow but I suspect with pears and plums you could Summer prune as well. You could prune these fruit trees now.

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Summer prune for plums as well, (all stone fruit really).

Thanks! Much obliged.