Pruning trees, listening to the king

Since I used to sing in a beach music rock n roll band, I sing to
all of my trees. That’s why they produce so much fruit, and need minimal
spraying. Who the heck needs ear phones/plugs !!!

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We just called it surf music and it was part of the soundtrack of my youth. The Beach Boys, the Ventures, Jan and Dean, The Surfaris- I can’t think of the name of that amazing guitarist.

By the time I had my first rock band only the Beach Boys were still going strong.

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I’m talking about REAL beach music, none of that California stuff.
Beach Music in the South is The Tams, Drifters, Eddie Floyd, Chairman
of the Board, Embers, all of the Motown greats, etc. etc. etc. That’s what
I’m used to singing. You must not have any rhythm. We even have a state
dance called the shag, that’s only done in the Carolinas and Georgia. Oh
what memories!! Heck, I’m still pretty good, and still crazy after all these years, LOL.


The Drifters (which ones? They weren’t a real band, more a franchise) and Motown is beach music to you? That is surprising. I’m sure most of the artists didn’t spend a whole heck of a lot of time at the beach.

S. CA actually has year round beach culture, especially back in the early '60’s, and surf music was a part of that culture- at least for the kids.

I started listening to surf music when I started surfing which I did year round from the time I was about 12 until I left CA in my late '20s. The beach was my hangout. Stopped intentionally listening to surf music by the time I was 14, however. I agree that Motown is much better dance music- but I think of it as black urban night music- and music most of us love.

I still dearly love Heavy Weather with my new Bose buds.

My computer speakers are Bose, and I have a wave radio for the kitchen. It’s awesome! I have top end analog equipment too from the old daz, a Nak cassette deck, still worth $700.00 today, it sold for 3 grand in 1985. I have a Sony DAT tape player too, a pioneer turntable PL-530 What is still really useful is a full tilt analog graphic equalizer. I convert stuff to digital so the cassette deck was refurbished a couple years ago, as I have live recordings of concerts that I convert to digital. I record to 24 bit WAV files. 96K frequency. I archive those and downsample to 16 bit to burn CDR’s. I usually just play them via the computer. I sold most of my vinyl, I got about 30 thousand dollars for my collection. I still have a thousand or so records. My collection was mostly super rare records, like test pressings, radio shows that were DJ only, promotional records, Acetates etc.
I have yet to sell my CD collection which has as many rare CD’s as I did vinyl. That is going up this winter in EBay. I have about 4 thousand Cd’s.

The Drifters are a tradition, and sang some of the best beach music songs
of all time. They had tremendous lead singers starting with Clyde McPhatter, then Bill Pinckney, then Ben E King, then Rudy Lewis, and Johnny Moore.
From the 1950’s and up until a few years ago, Bill Pinckney was still touring
as the Original Drifters. I still have Some Sand In My Shoes.
I first saw the Tams, when I was 14 and was instantly hooked. I’ve serenaded many a young lady with The Tams medley, and still do with some older ones. LOL Boy this is a great diversion to this thread. It’s too bad we don’t have sound on this forum.

For early stuff you left out Dick Dale & The Del Tones!

…And the legendary Duane Eddy!