PTO Tiller advice

I’m starting to look for a used PTO tiller for my 51 horse tractor. 66 or 72 inch most likely.

Any feedback on features and brands to seek out or avoid? I have never owned one

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I have a 72-inch Maschio H-185
Supposed to be very good, but I’ve been most disappointed in its performance.

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I’ve only owned one “King Kutter” for 15 years. Works every time you hook on. Grease and oil change is all I’ve ever done to it.
When I started looking I was told to go with gear drive instead of chain.
Good Luck!


I’ve heard king cutter good from others

We have had a 5’ King Kutter for a few years now and it has never had an issue. We use it a bunch and I probably need to sharpen the tines but otherwise seems to be built sturdy.