Public market: sellers,buyers & bystanders. Part 7: Morocco

I still have tons of public markets pictures but they are on slides… Yes, I am THAT old… and not yet digitalized (hum… and probably never will be to be honest!).

If there is interest from my fans I could post flowers (90% wild) pictures from around the world. Let’s see: if I get 25 “yes” I will post. To do this (post pictures) requires a lot of work from an old man like me… especially when you have 6,96 Tb of pictures sitting in 778 albums…



Love the pictures! I hope we get 25 hearts! :slight_smile:

Looked like there were a bunch of cardoons in one pic.
Those pomegranates and citrus had me drooling!

Hi there:

I knew I could count on you: my number one fan!

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Hi there:

The variety or fruits/vegies found in Morocco is incredible. People would tell me that Spain is the number one fruits/vegies providers for Europe but Morocco is a very close second contender. During my stay pomegranate and dates were available in great quantity AND quality. I don’t remember drinking so much pomegranate juice in so little time…