Public markets: sellers, buyers & bystanders. Part 4: Cambodia

Some pictures may have been duplicated. Sorry about that…


Have you ever been to Angkor Wat the lost Kingdom. One of a kind builder that no other civilization can match their temples on a grand scale.

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Awesome as usual! Thanks for posting these. :slight_smile:

Hi Tony:

How can a sane person go to Cambodia and miss Angkor??? I don’ like to brag but I have visited ALL. Khmer temples in Cambodia (even the exquisite and so impresssive but remote Prasat Preah Vihear , Laos (Wat Phu) and those located now within Thaîland. I have seen them all and would see them again in a sec! I have so many pictures of them, it’s daunting just to go through them in my photo library…Marc


One thing is obvious in the photographs…in their poverty the Cambodians are rich…just look at their smiles!


@BlueBerry amen to that!

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Thanks! I sure miss growing bitter melons, pineapples,mangos, and bananas :slight_smile:


Dental care seems to not be a thing in these countries?

I remember charcoal irons. Love seeing pics of lives along the Tonle Lake.

One thing to do before I die, visiting Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom.

That’s what your life going to be when your country is run by a dictator, we are blessed. I have lived in the Far East for a few years, I know what it is like for them. We had live-in house keepers/cooks. Their names,
Bollo, Rasmee and Ibu Jean our adopted grandma. Wonderful people.

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Wow! Great eye and incredible photos.

I love your pictures. It told and showed stories. You captured the essence of ordinary people and their way of life very well.

However, I would like to make a suggestion from a point of view of someone with a short attention span!!. If you could post about 10 pics at the time, it would be easier to follow.

You can title it something like:
Part 4…Cambodia A (with pics of markets and other scenery).
Part 4 …Cambodia B (with pics of people).

With so many pics at one time, it is overwhelming. Some people may even lose interest as a result. I found myself being impatient after a lot of scrolling down and wonder when it would end.

I look forward to your pics from Thailand. You definitely have gone places :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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like you, like me, and like many forumers here who live in developed countries, we all couldn’t help but be concerned-- if not alarmed-- for our sisters and brothers in far flung areas of this earth. I lived in southeast asia many years and met a lot of people in similar circumstances as in the pictures posted by OP. While i felt so helpless and inutile not being able to help much, all can really do was to enjoy their company(and hoping they enjoyed mine) and their life stories, and appreciate and learn from them. Many of them are fruit farmers, so learned a lot i did! :slight_smile: Actually a most unfair exchange–as i learned more from them as they from me… Heck i actually needed them more than they need me, the food-growers that they were and me being the city kid…

sorely miss the down-to-earth acquaintance and unadulterated bliss.


Wow! these are so engaging. You are a really good photographer!

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That’s funny, my husband and one of our children (9 year old son) enjoyed all the photos and we were kind of sad when it ended. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

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More great pics! Again, thanks for sharing. Love the differences in culture of the different places you have been. Some of it so different but some so similar! :+1:

angkor was my favorite!