PVNA Persimmons Worth It?!

Maru, Hyakume & Coffee Cake look like they’d taste incredible, but they’re all PVNA (I believe). Are they worth it? I’d get seeds in my other varieties & the pollination will not change their flavors.


I assume you’re container growing? I’m not aware (as a persimmon rookie) of any hardy male kaki persimmons for our zone. Beyond that I have no input regarding flavor.

I’d prefer seedless American persimmons. Most of the American persimmons I’ve had were seeded, but a few were seedless, and that is a better eating experience. Flavor is the same, and spitting out seeds doesn’t really add anything. So for that I’d say skip the male.

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I think what I’m trying to figure out is if Maru which is hardy to zone 6 is worth the added seeds that the others will now have.

Edited my OP to rephrase my question.

If you are able to grow asian persimmons, I think the slight annoyance of seeds is worth it. Since persimmons ship and store well, the PCNA (fuyu and jiro types) and PCAs (hachiyas) we get from the grocery store don’t taste any different from the ones we grow, so I think it’s fun to have some varieties that are unique.

Having said that, there are supposed to be several PVNAs and PVAs that taste unique, but I haven’t gotten a chance to try any of those yet.

Unfortunately Nate, all persimmons are very expensive & hard to find here. Definitely growing them for availability first, but like you said it may be worth it for something special.