Pyrus betulifolia source?

Does anyone have a lead on a source for pyrus betulifolia?

I bought some last year so I could graft asian pears on to them.
This year, most nurseries seem to not be offering it. I spoke to a nurseryman who said that there was a seed failure where most nurseries buy stock from, and that one would be hard pressed to find any p. betulifolia in the country. However I was wondering if anyone had a lead on some available stock.

Best, Spud


I bought BET from Burnt Ridge last year and was wondering why they didn’t have any BET this year. I ended up trying to buy Ussarian rootstock but they callled me and they told me they had 3 left :man_facepalming: so I went with seedling pear tree rootstock. They said it should work for Euro and Asian pear alike :man_shrugging:

I hope you find some! Good luck :+1:

Good to know. Thanks poncho.



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