Question for pepper gurus

I am giving an Indian (East) dinner party and need recommendations for a mild spicy pepper to use in recipes and one that is totally mild, and one you can call almost really hot! Please help, the party is in two weeks, and I will have to find the fresh peppers. (Trip to Boston!). So excited, wish you all could come to dinner!

Given Boston, I’d try to find Anaheim and Serrano.

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Which is hottish and which is mild?

Serrano is the spicy one.

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Thanks to you both!

If you can find them, try Ancho or Poblano. They are very versatile peppers that can be cooked multiple ways.

It is less likely you will find them, but I love the flavor of Chapeau de Frade. They are shaped like little 3 lobed bells.

If the serranos- or whatever else you get- are too hot, you can remove much of the heat by removing all the seeds and membranes inside the pepper. It’s a pain if you have to do a lot…

Mrs. G.,
You should be able to find Poblano at Stop&Shop or Wegman’s.

If you have spanish grocery stores in Newport, they should carry several kinds of peppers.

Poblano is mildly spicy. If you want our spicy peppers, I’ll mail them to you.

They are all spicy at varoius degrees.

My friends, not me, are terrified of heat from peppers. I want them for taste and a hint of heat. I want a hotter pepper to chop and place in olive oil to be used on the side, so they can control their own amount of heat. What do you think?

Sure. I will send them to you. You can cut them up and put them in oil or fry them in oil.

When do you need the hot ones? I don’t have any mild peppers!!!

It will take about two days in the mail to you.

In avweek would be great Tippy! I will send you xmas cookies!

Ancho and Poblano medium-mild, not for your guests that panic over heat.

No need, Mrs. G. Thank you.

Both of us (Mr. B. and I) are on diet!! This is true. We need to lose the pounds we have accumulated from all the ice cream trips in the summer.

We’ll take a rain check for your cookies. We’ll have cookies with you in France.

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