Question on grafting quality

Hello! Relatively new to fruit tree growing. I have this 20th century Asian pear that I bought at the tail end of the bare root season last year and put in a 15gal pot. I wanted to plant it this spring, but the grafting union looks bad. It is cracking and the bark peeled off. The tree has flowered and leafed out well though. I don’t want to waste the time planting it. What to do about questionable grafts? Worth the time, are they okay? Thanks!!!

Doesn’t it look like fire blight? Wash you hands and tool after you touch it before you do anything else in the orchard, just for precaution until experts tell you otherwise.

Oh goodness. Context: two apple varieties in adjacent pots both have browning/black and cracking bark at the graft union. Could this indeed be fire blight?