i have a new raspberry patch that i put in last spring. have 3 different raspberries in the row. the new shoots coming up have yellow leaves at the tip with regular green ones further down. they all have it. what kind of deficiency is this?

Do you have a photo?

no i dont. just imagine the top leaves being yellow when the bottom ones are normal green. some almost white/.

You arent going to get the responses that you are seeking when there is no photo and a pretty vague description. You wouldnt tell a doctor about a problem and expect a cure without the doctor atleast looking at you or running tests.

You could have an incorrect pH, mineral deficiency, nitrogen burn, or scores of other issues.

What i imagine and what others imagine will be completely different.

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It may be too wet, you need better drainage.

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its on a rise and we haven’t had rain in 3 weeks. i have watered occasionally but not to saturation. my other rasp. patch is right next to it in the same soil so i don’t know what else could cause this. ill see if i can get the wife to post a pic. I’m not good with computers.

Maybe mosaic virus

I also now that Drew’s comment was launched I tend to think blight. I not a horticultural degree person. I’ve just seen a lot of stuff with hardwoods.


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I rather doubt there is a deficiency since your other raspberry patch is fine. I’d start my search here:

University of Minnesota Extension

The above link is to assist diagnosing problems in raspberries.

Good Luck!

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thanks for the help guys. i brainstormed it last night and i think initially when they 1st came up last year, they were like that then it cleared up. the soil i used in the mounds had some fertilizer in it already and i didn’t realize that until i had planted them already. may be thats what I’m seeing. i did that by accident about 3 yrs ago in another patch. over amended and it burnt them. looks like these. maybe over time they will grow out of it.

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