Questions about Apples I am growing from seeds

I had some Pink Lady apples that had seeds sprouting inside them when I cut them open so I stuck the seeds in some dirt. All of the seeds grew up and got their first set of leaves. About 25% died. The rest are doing well so far. It’s interesting to see the variations in the seedlings. Some are growing slowly while others are vigorously growing. Some have variations in leaf color and shape.
I have one that is growing slow and its leaves curl under. The rest either seem to have flat leaves or with a slight upward curl. Is there something wrong with this seedling or is it just another variation?

The other seedlings on the right are Mandirin orange seedlings also from seeds I got from store bought fruit.


How nice! Most of the apples I’ve grown from seed also showed quite a bit of variation. I just kept the heathiest, vigorous, best looking and pulled the rest. Same with pear, grape and others. I only wanted a few so didn’t need to save them all. Mine were all planted outside in the nursery plot which probably made it easier to thin out. No fruit on any yet but the anticipation is fun. Sue


Whichever of the apples that survive until next spring I will plant on my property in Michigan. I know the fruit they produce will not be true to the apple they came from, but it will be interesting to see if any of them produce good apples. If not I can always graft different varieties to them. My understanding is that vigorous trees grow faster, but live shorter lives whereas slower growing trees tend to live longer so I am hesitant to pull any just because they aren’t growing as fast as others. I have 5 acres up there to put them on so not particularly pressed for space. I would like to know if the downward curling leaves on the one is a problem and if there is anything I can do to help it if it is.

Yes, it is stressed in some way, lack of roots, too much water, not enough water, insects or disease. It could be anything.

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Thanks I have been using my moisture meter to keep an eye on the water content of the soil. Thinking I might try moving it so it is more centered under the grow light.

I would judge water by lifting the containers rather than those cheap moisture meters that tend to make people overwater. Also maybe your light is stressing them

I actually bought the new LED grow light as an attempt to solve this seedlings problems. The other trees are loving the new light and growing even faster with thicker trunks. I agree the moisture meter is probably not that accurate, but figured it would be more accurate than my guess. I water by filling the tray below the grow bags and let them syphon up from there.