Questions about mature Siberian peashrubs (Caragana Arborescens)

Hi everyone:

I intend to plant Siberian pea-shrubs as a windbreak that would protect pawpaws and persimmons trees. I have gathered much info but still have some questions:

1- The space between the fence and the nearest pawpaws & persimmons trees is 9 feet. (See picture)


I still would like to mow with my tractor and need 3 to 4 feet as a corridor to get the mower moving. Should I plant the pea shrubs as close as possible to the fence (if so: how close?) or as close as possible to the pawpaws and persimmons (if so: how close?)

For those who have planted pea shrubs: are you happy with the results -speed of growth, height of mature pea shrubs, width of the pea shrubs etc. -

Thanks a lot!


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i have several i planted near my chicken runs for a supplement for them. id think if you want a windbreak , Norway spruce would be a better choice. they grow fast and protect much better as they don’t lose their leaves.