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Thanks for pointing out that user guide, I added a link to it to the FAQ. For some reason the default FAQ only has guidelines in it, no info on how to use the site.


So I added more Urea and mulched under the trees… we’ll see how they do. The only warning I could find about over fertilizing was that there could be too much salt in the soil. Still not sure how much would be too much.

I’ve never seen deer in downtown SF, but down here on the densely populated Peninsula (which isn’t quite suburban) we have a ton of because of all the open space preserves. They just stroll down the road like they own the place every night.

I wish I could get rid of them, but the only things allowed to kill deer around here are mountain lions. This was up the hill from me a few years back: Mountain Lion Kills Deer on Front Porch in Bay Area - YouTube

Me and the wife are in Maui and we’re wondering what kind of fruit this is? We keep seeing it everywhere.

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Looks like a Clusia.

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Can anyone link the sales thread? I can’t find it in a search.

But Stark’s has under six dollar flat shipping right now and many things also on sale. A lot of pears.

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This is traditional cherry in China. ThThe fruit size is small, a little bigger than a large pea, smaller than soure cherry. But it is sweet. I wondering if anyone here know the name/cultivar??


I have a three American persimmon rootstock seedlings that were failed grafts from last year. They have leafed out to be such pretty little trees that I hate to cut their heads off to graft them. Question: If I plant these out and at least one is a male is it going to cause all my seedless Asian persimmons to have seeds? I would like a wild tree to fruit but not sure any would be female given the percentage and one would have to be male for wild fruit??? Is it worth it or should I just graft these over to something else? @tonyOmahaz5; @Barkslip; @KYnuttrees

The chance are 50/50 male/female for those American persimmon seedlings. The male has a cluster of 3 flowers so you can topwork them if they turn out to be a male and just keep the female.


From our Hybrids and the breeding that we have did I would just graft them as the results that we have has is about 75 to 80% are male



How good is NB-21?


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At Gallaudet, no deer, but I saw tyem at Georgetown.

I bought 2 Montmorency Cherry trees from Cummins to go with an old unidentified Cherry I’ve had for a few years. I’m happy with the trees, seem to have a nice trunk diameter, but they appear to have been given a pretty harsh haircut, perhaps to fit in the shipping box. I know very little about Cherry and wondered if anyone can recommend some reading or video on pruning form for these trees, and perhaps some pest management.


That tree looks store/nursery bought in person. Anything that I’ve ordered and shipped to me has been pretty much the trunk and no branches whatsoever. Looks very nice.


What rootstocks they are on. They look quite close to each other.

That’s a blueberry behind, and it looks closer than it is because I was shooting with a zoom that was on the camera for another purpose! Makes the blueberry look bigger than it is too… They’re on Mahaleb.

Is there any harm in adding a “hot pepper spray” solution to a regular spray treatment on fruit trees? I use a fruit tree spray AND A sticking agent when I spray my trees. I have some deer eating the tips of the branches of all my smaller trees. I usually spray that separate later on in the year. There are about three deer coming up from the woods behind me and eating on the branches. I was just not sure that concoction would be okay to do or would be a killing agent for the fruit trees.
Thank you for your help.

In my greenhouse,there are Spider mites that need to be dealt with in the Summer.
Sometimes,I mix in a little Cayenne Pepper powder in the tank,with some other things,to spray stone fruit trees and there haven’t been any adverse

I have two questions:

I have a few tiny pink spots on my developing peaches on one tree. Just pretty looking pink dots, but I know it could be a disease starting! What is it?

And my Romeo cherry:
After bloom, many flowers looked especially brown and crispy and those small branches have died back several inches. It’s too many small branchlets to be normal. Other branches and fading flowers look completely normal. Is this some kind of blossom disease? I haven’t sprayed young Romeo yet this year (or any last year, actually).

Was it raining at all when the Romeo Cherry was blooming?I have to put a cover over my Romance Cherries until fruiting starts and even then they do that