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Great question, I grew it this year and I have no idea how to prepare it !


I am in socal zone 10a. The summer is very hot and dry
This year I have no luck with squash, no fruit, eggplants and cucumbers, on each plant. Do you think I would have any chance with watermelon, especially the mini varieties? Any comment or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


Anyone else had any luck growing dragons this year?

This is the growing end of ZUCCHETTA TROMBONCINO and it has been a beast this year. It swallowed much of my back yard, overtook 8 foot tall tomato cages and has been fighting with my hardy kiwi vines for weeks.

I just wish there was a yellow summer squash that grew like this monster…



I think watermelons will love the heat you have. But they also love water and fertile soil. If you can make this combination happen, you can succeed.

I was told that growing watermelons in pot you won’t get them to size up well. I would avoid that if possible.

By the way, yesterday, my friend found out that both of her two nice looking watermelons with vines attached had big holes near the groundon with large chunk of flesh inside missing. Chipmunks’ work.


Thank you for your reply. We have no chipmunks in our area. It is so hot lately even the rats disappear.


I want to try grow chrysanthemum for tea. Anyone know which variety and source? Thanks in advance.


Blue hubbard is great if grown well! Much richer tasting than your average pumpkin and with a better texture. Kind of like the best parts of pumpkin and sweet potato in one vegetable. They do need to cure and age for a couple months for best flavor. Set it aside in a cool spot until after Thanksgiving. Just check on it once in a while to make sure you don’t have any rotting (made that mistake before…). I like to roast these big squash in halves and freeze whatever I’m not using right away.


@PomGranny @thecityman, my wife likes to refer to this forum as PlantBook.



Mine calls it "THAT OTHER WOMAN"



Here’s a “never give up” answer. This small apple tree was accidentally broken about 5 inches from the ground in Oct of 2019. Can it be saved? Yes. I put it back together, wrapped it up and supported it with two stakes. Now a year later it looks fine and healthy with branch growth of about 8 inches.


that happened 2 years ago to my 6ft sour cherry. i did the same as you and now its 3ft taller and you can’t even see where the break was. i kept it supported until this summer just to be safe.



So basically it is a big graft.

"The will to live was strong in that one "



I had that happen to my Tam Kam persimmon. That was in 2019…It has fruit this year! The “graft union” looks great!


Yes and it also shows that under the right conditions it is even possible to do a graft in October. Since I rarely have luck grafting peaches in the spring I think I’ll try one this week just for the fun of it.


My White Gold cherry I planted this year is blooming in Autumn. The deer completely ratf****d the tree in late Spring, and only a handful of buds leafed out afterward. The terminal buds were dormant for most of the Summer, but put out a flush of growth beginning ~2 weeks ago. A flower has opened up, and I am wondering if I should be worried. I am concerned about hardening off before Winter. Should I begin taking steps to shelter it? Would a frame & visqueen be enough?


mine snapped at full leaf mid summer. i really thought it was toast. didn’t even loose a leaf. no discoloring and it still heeled perfectly with over half the trunk broken completely off. grew a few cherries the year after and about 40 this summer.


Fall Fertilization We fertilize lawns in October. Should I be adding some to the trees? After the leaves fall to prevent growth stimulation…? Thanks!


Adding composte , and P, K fertilizer in the fall benefits next year fruit production


Thank you!


I had hoped to begin planting out trees from the nursery bed this fall, but I forgot how late apple and pear hold their leaves, so I’m going to wait until spring to begin. In the meantime I had hoped to get the electric fence in BUT I can’t locate 8’ T-Posts. Tractor Supply will take the order, but warns me it may be up to 9 months or more for them to come in. We don’t have Rural King here in the north east. Other agricultural sources don’t seem to have them available or don’t ship here. Our local farm co-op only goes up to 7’ for T-Posts and their price wasn’t at all competitive. The supplier for Tractor Supply does sell to the public but requires a minimum order of 2000 (10 x’s what I need). Anyone have any suggestions I can investigate? I’m in Central NY, near Utica.