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Thanks Tony! It’s good to have the viewpoint from someone else in western Pennsylvania to confirm the suggestions I’ve received from others. I need to educate myself on the fertility side of apples. I may end up with two franken-trees down the road if I can find enough well rated compatible varieties, but for now I just want two.

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My cousin is a lobsterman so I was fortunate growing up to see that side of the state, not just the “maincation”. We typically try to come up these days in the fall after the vacation crowds have disappeared and the snow starts to fall. Such as beautiful landscape and a very different experience than the summertime.


Oh boy, Ryan . . . I am not the one to ask about this. I have a Goldrush, a Grimes Golden (HAD a Grimes Golden. A storm got it.), a Pink Lady, an Ashmead’s Kernel . . . and the dwarf varieties - King David and Aunt Rachel. (Sounds like a happy couple!:rofl:) None of my apples are doing ‘great’. It’s too humid here. And I have cedar rust to deal with also.
All the good Virginia apples come from near the mountains, in the western part of the state. I just like to ‘tempt fate’ - and try to grow things even tho I should know better! Pink Lady is very ‘tender’ - and everything that could have happened to an apple tree . . . happened to that one. I doubt it will last too long. The Ashmead is a giant - and I’ll have to ‘take it down some’ this winter. No apples on that one. - - I posted a picture of my one Grimes Golden apple with sooty spots all over it . . . UGLY. But it was delicious! And Goldrush is doing ‘ok’ . . . none of them are ‘thriving’!
The ‘happy couple’ are doing well . . . but have only been here since last spring. Time will tell.

We plan to put in a new Grimes Golden in the spring. And that is what got me thinking - ‘Why can’t we do it now, instead?’

Maine is one of my favorite places. I have gone there for a few painting workshops and always loved it. We drove up there with our kids, when they were little, and one of their favorite memories is sitting out on a dumpy picnic table by a roadside stand - eating lobsters. Nothing like it! It’s a beautiful place to paint, too.


Thanks for the suggestions Karen! I had King David on my list as well as Ashmead’s Kernel, so hopefully I am getting closer to a decision. The amount of options available are incredibly overwhelming, but to short list things based on low maintenance for my area and then trying to get opinions on how those taste from others is my goal.
Maine truly is an awesome place.

Still figuring this all out. Is this normal fall leaf drop or something sinister?

This is a pear.

Little left-field, but are jujube stone/seed edible? My high-power blender will make anything a smoothie, prefer to grow fruits that don’t require much prep…

The Chinese use the seeds for medicinal benefits. If you’re into drinking the seeds I suppose it wouldn’t hurt you. :flushed:

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Hi all, through my research online I have not discovered a comprehensive list of varieties of pawpaws (or persimmons) available with a description associated for taste, hardiness zone, etc. I have come across lists similar to what I had looked for related to apples (including @scottfsmith and his wonderful descriptions at his own orchard) which were very helpful in choosing which apple cultivars I wanted to try growing myself. I am interested in getting something started similar to that for pawpaws and persimmons. Which forum would be the most appropriate to place it in?

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You can just put a post in this General category. There are quite a few posts discussing various persimmons and pawpaws but there is no centralized list.

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Thanks for sharing Dennis! That is a start, but that list hasn’t been updated in 11 years. There have been a lot of much improved introductions over the past decade from various enthusiasts (Jerry Lehman, Cliff England, AL Horn, and even KSU) which would be great to have all in one place. I’ll work on putting something like that together.

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does anyone know of a z4 hardy cultivar? I’ve heard of some that are marginally hardy but none that are totally hardy. i have a spot on the south side of the house protected from the N.W winds id like too try to grow one. i could graft another hardy variety to it for a pollinator .

NC 1 hails from Canada and I have seen reports that it succeeded when others failed due to cold weather. Also PA Golden #1 should be cold hardy (although reports are that PA Golden #3 is the best tasting of the four options and is harder to track down than #1). VE-21 from Jerry Lehman is “very early” and Summer Delight from England’s seems to be another option to try for early season fruiting. You need at least 2 cultivars for pollination except for Prima 1216 and sunflower which are both at least partially self fertile. KSU Chapell, Mango, and Susquehanna appear to be faster growing than others from a wood standpoint.

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Most info I can find regarding the KGB pruning system talks about sweet cherries. Any reason this would or would not be a good system for sour cherries? Montmorency to be specific. Thanks.

NB-21 is excellent

However its not cold hardy here


Does anyone know of a source for stratified apple seeds?

Are you looking for any specific type? Intentional crosses or open pollinated? What is your intended use, seedling rootstock?

Hi Everett My intent is to grow them for rootstock in the tropics. I don’t think the variety matters because they behave differently, as I understand it.

I’m not sure how many you would like, but you can often find them on etsy and ebay. They can be easily stratified in the refrigerator for a month or two.

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I was trying to eliminate the wait by locating stratified seed.