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I have had no problem grafting Asian plums (Elephant Heart, Broken Heart, Methley, Laroda), a hybrid like Lavina, and pluots on Euro plums.

Toka is a hybrid. I think it should work.


Hi @evilpaul

Not sure if it’s an option but we grow all our sweet potatoes in straw bales. They do require conditioning (applying high nitrogen fertilizer) for a couple weeks first. Here is a little video of our harvest this year:


Emilia Apple…it was big in Canada about a hundred years ago. Supposed to be super resistant to fireblight. Anyone growing it?

How are the very early apples varieties for drying?

I’ve got a year old toka graft on my Italian plum. it took off really well, enough that I’ve got to prune it back some. so I would say yes- but I can’t speak to longevity.


My wood chip pile has at the bottom a nice layer of broke down chip that looks like black dirt. Would that work well as potting soil?

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On it’s own,with nothing else added?

Trying to figure that out. I’m not very experienced with potted things. I have sand that I can add, but what do you think?

It might get kind of thick.Sand may help and maybe add some of the chips.
Also,if there is a source for perlite or pumice.They can help it breathe better.

For people who use Chlorothalonil(Daconil,Fung-onil,Bravo,Echo etc),will an added sticker,take away from it’s effectiveness?

You might want to add sand or perlite depending how well it drains and depending on what you plan on growing in it. I’d consider adding some of the smaller bits of woodchips too as you’ve got those right there already.

How big a pot would a B.9 apple graft need to grow for a year before going into the ground? What about OHxF 87?

Anyone know if the green onions sold in grocery stores are bunching onions or some non perennial onion?

What type of potting soil should I use for trifoliate rootstock? Does it need to be the hyper well-draining citrus mix? Or is trifoliate less picky?

Any idea what variety of currant this might be?

And it’s not really a question, but my apple seedlings have sprouted, finally:


Just saw your question. I had one variety that comes back every year but I don’t like how it bolts so easily so I got rid of it.

Google with the word “scallions”. It helps.

Difference Between Scallions and Green Onions and Spring Onions | The Kitchn.

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