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I don’t know anything about Harvester first hand. Those are the comments of commercial growers Clemson is communicating. More than one. It will be interesting to read Ison’s response- keep us posted.


It’s a perfect day to spray copper today. But next couple of days we are expecting up to 3 inches of snow.
I’m thinking maybe snow is worse than rain since it’ll sit on the tree. I didn’t have any peach leaf curl last year so I’m spraying as a preventive measure. Peach buds are still dormant.
Should I spray or hold off?


If you are using New Film 17 sticker I would say go for it. Otherwise wait.


No New film. I’m using Bonide Turbo sticker. Probably not as good. I’ll wait then.


As soon as the snow is gone go for it. I just sprayed a couple days ago, you should be fine.


QQ… how do I protect highbrush blueberries bushes from heavy snow? We just got about 3 inches which doesn’t sound like much, but it was heavy enough to bend tree branches and flatten shrubs. Would blueberries be ok in these conditions, or even more snow? Would I need to remove any netting/burlap before a storm so snow doesn’t collect on it?


New Film 17, Bonide Turbo- what’s the difference in efficacy? Two kinds of resins.


What’s great about stickers and using copper is you can see the copper once on the tree. So it’s easy to evaluate product. I have only tested Nu Film and Turbo, and Nu Film lasts a lot longer up to 3 months. Turbo the copper lasts a bit, a couple weeks maybe, at best. Depends, each year is different weather. So just my opinion that the snow won’t matter with Nu Film, but probably will with Turbo. It does not have the staying power of Nu Film.
Scott Smith observed the staying power too and spoke about on this site. As did I with photos to show the copper at the time. What really impressed me is when is rained steady for 11 hours and I could still see the copper on my cherry tree. I was sold. Studies have shown that pinene has anti-fungal properties too. Many essential oils have these properties and I’m going to experiment with some. Like Eucalyptus appears to kill white flies, man they are annoying! I want to try it on the SWD flies also. Most oils are used to repel but Eucalyptus actually kills. I’m going to try it first on fungus gnats, white fly, then SWD if all goes well. I see the pests in that order. I have some fungus gnats now! Looking for something I can use inside with just a spray bottle that doesn’t smell like a chemical factory. See how it works, most reports I have seen say it works very well. Worth trying for me. I can’t suggest it, never tried it.


Thanks for the answer. I used to use Nu-film but switched to Tactic, a latex based sticker because I’d read research of its superiority. I like your research.


I’m wondering if that matters. It won’t be on new growth.


I use turbo and bonide copper and although it’s dark blue I can’t see it on the tree. You would think it would mark the tree but it doesnt.


You’re right. It won’t be on any leaves either. The copper also will probably be oxidized or no longer effective too. Same with other fungicides and certainly insecticides.

I use copper hydroxide, and it is almost green. I sprayed my trees Saturday, I’ll take a photo tomorrow. It’s not visible everywhere, but spots probably where the solution was heavy, it is a powder. . If you look closely you can find visible areas. I use one spot as my reference when i was comparing them. The copper octanoate in Bonide is in a solution that has an emulsifier, mine is not. Also the copper is actually extremely low
10% copper octanoate in Bonide with a Metallic copper equivalent of 1.8% Whereas Copper Hydroxide I use is at 61.3%. with a metallic Copper (Cu2+) Equivalent of 40% by weight.
So I’m using 20 times the metallic copper as you. No leaf curl here, ever.


Where can you purchase “Tactic” from?


I get mine from Crop Production Systems which is a huge corporate ag chemical supplier. It seems to be only available through agricultural supply channels, but is a Loveland product, which is a huge company as well. You probably can get a branch of CPS near you to ship you a jug for about $80, or another ag chem supply company.


TY. I appreciate the info and suggestions. I tried looking it up before I sent the note but you can imagine what it pulled up. Everything BUT chemical suppliers.
I will look into using one of these products. We get such frequent rains in the spring time, as well as the summer at times, that you spray and then a pop up shower or a day long rain the following day. Then you have to re-spray IF you can get it on before the next rain happens. You feel like you are just wasting your time, effort and money to keep respraying over and over every day or two. These products may help that issue.
Again, TY.


Anyone know of a good place to get pomegranate cuttings? I know I’m a bit late in the season for it this year, but just wondering if anyone knows of a good source.


Here’s photos of copper residue on my Nadia Plum-Cherry hybrid.
Trees were sprayed 3 or 4 days ago.


It wasn’t me who asked the question but I did just plant a harvester peach. I never thought it might bear all season but it sounded like a pretty good peach. Thanks for the link.


How do you determine when to start bending branches to horizontal to promote fruiting?
By age of tree, size, or combination?
I am referring mainly to apricot, apple, sour cherry, peach, pear, and plum. Thanks!


I start as soon as the branch is big enough but before it’s too rigid to bend. That’s usually in spring the yr after a branch put on 2-4ft of growth the prior yr.