Quirky Cultivars

Do you have a cultivar has a quirk or that looks or behaves strange compared to most? Tell me a bit about it!

I have a pear called Invincible (aka Delwinor Fertilia) that they say usually flowers twice. It will flower with group 2 and then again with group 4. If there is a late frost it still gives a half crop, otherwise it will give a full crop over a long period. A French buerre type that stores well and has deep red autumn leaves.


Love deep red coloration.
Even callery pears
are lovely some

This kind of behavior is often climate dependent. For example, apples produce 2-3 full crops a year in my location.

A callery pear growing on the side of the road near here is so pretty in fall that I’ve thought about grafting it on one of my trees just for the foliage. While I don’t have any “quirky” cultivars, I have to point out that highly productive and good flavored (add species/cultivar) are anomalies in nature.

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Interesting. Are the fruit of both crops indistinguishable other than ripening time? I can’t help but wonder if it’s some sort of chimera with the difference in bloom time being explained by competing plant tissues.