Raccoon damage...Can I graft Asian pear now?

Raccoon raided my multi grafted Asian pear tree last night :rage: . not only took the pears but also broke off branch of one variety :cry: . Can I graft it into other pear tree to save this variety,? If the answer is yes, what kind of grafting methods will have higher taking rate at this time of the year?

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Try chip budding. It’s a good time and has good success if properly done. Keep the scion damp until used. Leave just a petiole stub. All you need is a good fit and a large rubber band to hold it tight and cover all cut surface except the scion vegetative bud and petiole stub.

Fruitnut, Thanks for the instruction. I will do it tonight. The branch is in the flower case with water. Should I use parafilm as well?

I’ve had good success without parafilm. It won’t hurt as long as it doesn’t interfere with proper alignment of the scion bud. Cut your bud deep enough that you are into the wood. Don’t just scape off the bark. Of course the cut into stock needs to be same depth.

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Fruitnut, got it :thumbsup:

I can empathize…in my case it was my gardener who took out one variety. :rage:

Oh, and one variety was broken off during shipping when I bought the tree. Another bud grew out of the graft union and I got that variety back. It was the only variety that gave me fruit this year!

bleedingdirt, thanks for the comforting words. I hope my thumb is green enough to get at least one graft taken, or I have ask for scion for next year.

Where is the break? Even if you have a little bit of the branch left, it may grow out. I had to cut mine off almost flush.

Well, less than half inch left. I don’t have big hope for it grow something out next year.