Raccoon, squirrel or opossum damage?


Tippy, it is time for a war with that GH.


We do what we can under our circumstance :tired_face:


I have had a lot of trouble with racoonsā€¦yes they steal the fruitā€¦but that is the least of my concernsā€¦they climb the trees and break off the limbsā€¦I then have to prune and seal in order to avoid diseaseā€¦and they come back and climb up and break more limbsā€¦this is a big issue with plum trees that typically have small limbsā€¦and although I have had few plums as of yetā€¦my chums are particularly prone due to acute crotch anglesā€¦when the limb breaks it tears away at the main trunkā€¦I now have a manor chum that was about 14 feet highā€¦now just a 2 to 3 foot y-shaped stumpā€¦with 2 pencil thin new growth ā€¦all main limbs gone.


That is too bad! I love your new mango! :heart_eyes: