Rapid apple decline/Sudden apple decline

Penn State University Extension has an article out called, ‘Rapid apple decline’ hits trees in northeast. Dated 12-06-16. Interesting read. http://www.agprofessional.com/news/industry/rapid-apple-decline-hits-trees-northeast.

Thanks for posting! Wow… Just in time I am about to start my apple trees… Nothing comes easy…

Thanks for posting this, it’s very interesting. I don’t have any apple trees on dwarfing rootstock, but after reading this I for sure would not want to risk planting any trees on M9 dwarfing root stock. Sounds like they’re really working hard to figure it out though.

I feel very sorry for anyone losing their livelihoods over this.

At the same time, it seems obvious that the commercial push to sacrifice health and vigor to cram smaller and smaller trees closer and closer together was probably not going to end well.

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I heard of this, and am wondering of a update ?
Any new posts on this
The first one that popped up so I assume it is the most relevant

(I searched RAD a month or so ago didn’t work I just remembered " rapid apple decline" (in quotes)