Raspberries Age Difference When Ordering Online

When purchasing online, what would be the difference between a young cane, and an older “fruiting” cane that costs double compared to the young cane, if the canes that are sent have been cut down to approx 1ft tall and need to completely grow from the bottom up anyways?

I received several raspberries last year: selecting fruiting age canes that cost much more. The dormant canes arrived cut to approx 1ft and after some time finally grew as if it were a new raspberry. Last year, each grew one thin cane about 6ft long with no flowers or fruit. It does not appear that they will have flowers this year, though I may be wrong. This year, the canes have put on some additional length, and a couple new, much wider, canes are growing from the base of each.

I would think that cane advertised as fruiting age would have had a long, non-cut cane that could produce blossoms? Do the roots themselves cause the new growth to produce sooner?

For the most part the older fruiting plants should have a better root system that allows the plant to establish faster and be more productive. Whether you bought a primocane or floricane variety also plays a factor in fruiting. I know that the best raspberries plants that I’ve ever received came from Nourse.

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Raspberries are Biannual with lifetime in terms of the canes. The only difference I see is if you bought a floricane type raspberry it would produce that year as opposed to the next. A Primocane raspberry will produce the same year at the fall so primocane will not matter when it comes to buying more years. In all honestly I would just buy a 1 year raspberry and if you want a raspberry in one year buy a primocane/everbearing type of raspberry. I think there is only one primocane black raspberry and it is considered not as good tasting from what I hear. There is plenty of primocane red and yellow raspberries.


That makes sense. Unless its a primocane producer, sellers shouldn’t offer “fruiting” size at a higher cost when they are shipped pruned short…