Raspberries and SWD question


This seems to be the latest thread on Drosophila suzukii. The system we are developing for D. suzukii does not concern itself with pesticides, pheromones or vinegar-yeast traps, though the German system is much less labor-intensive than ours:

Max Planck-Gesellschaft

‘…They must be able to smell new odors and ignore smells that had been attractive in the past.’


Problematic is that beta-cyclocitral links to the Lake Erie algal bloom, coal, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

Beta-Cyclocitral / Microcystis

UK-China / Coal / Microcystis


Glycogen synthase kinase is the aluminosilicate link to Alzheimer’s, the same point of entry (ethmoid sinus) as influenza viruses.

Apart from the algal bloom, it is unknown how the California fires will affect D. suzukii as it relates to the ab3 sensillum.


Very nice basic research but at this point gives me little hope of solving the problems I have at this very moment.


Without describing the problems you mention, we may as well be barefoot and pregnant on Fairy Tale Farm. Please describe this hopelessness in front of the people. We hesitate to describe our system until it is up and running and we can simultaneously defend it in three dimensions. We are not rushed. Our system, while labor-intensive, certainly does not need to be in a hurry until Spring 2018.


The MO of the SWD is widely known.