Raspberries arrived from Berries Unlimited

A Bristol and a Glencoe.

Plants look healthy enough, but I can’t see these being robust enough even next year to push decent bearing canes for 2022! Is there stock normally this spindly?

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2nd one’s not too bad. you know that though. That’s a pencil diameter trunk with a lot of new growth from this year plus it’s going to push more canes from below next year and I see a nice circular or vase-shaped plant 30" wide for 2020.

first one is not their best day for sure. Glencoe.


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Raspberries are all about the roots. They came potted and I would bet they will do great.


Yours are much better looking than the plants I just got from starks. I ordered these blackberries back end of April/early May, they arrived this past sat. They said in stock when I ordered, them I got the notice they were going to ship in August… then sept.

In your experiences, will these push decent canes next year for a 2022 crop?

I think what barkslip said covers it for you. Though this is my first year growing berries, everything I’ve read says yes, they will start pushing up new canes in the spring after a dormant period. You just need to make sure the roots are nice and healthy before frost and they go dormant. That said, from my experience this year, I’d rather order all my Plants, dormant canes or root stock for the spring (even though I did order these for spring :rage:). Dormant canes will come to life and bear some fruit that first year, plus send out several new canes through the spring/summer. The plants that I got over the summer didn’t grow as much as I’d like, and anything small like the ones I just got in the fall are going to just be unproductive in the spring. Plus with so little time before frost, I doubt that these will even get roots throughout the container. I’ll be putting these in the bulkhead of my basement over the winter, once they go completely dormant.

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