Raspberry Pi Stops Pests from Ravaging Fruit Orchards

To tackle the issue, they developed solar-powered, pheromone-based smart traps to lure bugs inside. The Raspberry Pi then captures an image for evaluation to determine whether or not too many unwanted bugs are present. In this case, the team has trained their system to detect Codling Moths with a custom model but it would be possible to train the platform to look for other bugs using another model.

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That’s a pretty awesome idea, but I wonder if it works similarly to the Japanese beetle traps I’ve been warned against. You’d almost want to attract them away from your orchard to trap them instead of within it to attract more bugs…

One trap works well for the backyard but wouldn’t be enough for a commercial spread. In the backyard, though, you’re usually not concerned about up-to-the-minute trap counts because you have to schedule cover sprays in your spare time. Once a week is about as often as you need to check your trap(s).

Here’s a little info about the judgement calls that go into determining biofix, the date you start Growing Degree Day accumulation to feed your codling-moth mathmatical development models.