Raspberry Sunrise Smoothie

I’m trying to use up last years supply as flowers are open on the next crop. This recipe calls for frozen raspberries, it’s good, and easy.

Raspberry Sunrise Smoothie Recipe


2 1/2 cups orange juice

1 1/2 cups frozen raspberries

1 cup raspberry sherbet

Pour all liquid ingredients into the blender.
Add all frozen ingredients. Blend at MIX setting for 30 seconds then
blend at SMOOTH setting until smooth. While the machine is running, move the
stir stick around counter-clockwise to aid mixing. Serve immediately. Each
recipe serves 3-5.

I also have some frozen strawberries, this recipe doesn’t call for them, but I think I’ll be fine? Question do people in the UK call smoothies, lassies? Or is this something else?
I grow Chocolate mint. I like it, it is mild and tastes like York peppermint patties.
Strawberry Mint Lassi

Serves 2
•14 ounces Fage Greek yogurt (full-fat)
•16 mint leaves
•8 ripe strawberries
•3 1/2 tablespoons raw sugar (What!!, Too much! Well seems like it!)
•1/4 cup water (I’m using orange juice, or another juice)

Layer all the ingredients in a blender, then turn it on. Stop to scrape down the yogurt or any other errant ingredients. Once it’s smooth, pour into glasses and sip until content.

I have not made this yet? Seems lacking in strawberries, I’ll probably add more! I don’t really see a need for all that sugar too. Maybe a tablespoon at the very most! This recipe needs adjustments!
I found these recipes online, the first is good, very nice and refreshing.

better to be safe then sorry, turn off, stir it up, turn it back on
otherwise I am all for things with sherbert

Yeah I should have fixed that, I agree, thanks for pointing that out. Plus it’s very liquid no need to stir at all, at least in my blender!