Rate your 5 most desirable fruit trees

Since this forum is so diverse in growing fruit trees, you should be able to finally come up with a answer with a rating, 1 through 5 in that order.
Which is no 1?
For me it’s very hard, from one to three are all no1. Here we go.
Pomelo. Valentine/ Thong Dee
Jaboticaba. Red Jabo
Persimmon. KBs/ Giombo/ Rojo Brilliante.
Peach. Baby Crawford. And a stray one, no name.
Mandarin. Too many to choose from.

Where does your figs come in ? 8?
Pomelo is not a rich tasting fruit but it’s a joy to eat, lots of juice, especially when you are thirsty.


orange and apples
purple araça
and a lot more fruits… :yum:

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nectarine- Honey Royale
sweet cherry- Bing
apricot- Orangered
pluot- Flavor Supreme
fig- Black Madeira
mulberry- Morus Nigra
grape- Summer Muscat
peach- Valley Sweet
persimmon- Eureka
apple- Goldrush
blueberry- Sweetcrisp
pear- Bosc
citrus- Washington navel

These are based 80% on eating quality of the best fruits I’ve grown. Rated best first.


not all fruit trees but my trees haven’t all fruited yet. archer strawberry, cascade gold raspberry, autumn britten raspberry, mara des bois strawberry, aurora haskap , all black currants, north sky blueberry, nelson blackberry, jaclyn raspberry, romance series cherries. juliet is my fav., red gem goumi, and y. transparent apple. this is for eating out of hand. for jams i would say similar. will change a lot once my other trees begin fruiting.

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How about that summer muscat? That’s one grape that I would rate near the top. While in Italy, I eat plenty of them, they were big grapes.

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Yes they are really great and sweet! We call them moscatel grapes. :blush:

Summer Muscat is a small grape developed in CA for use as a dry on the vine raisin. It has a strong Muscat flavor. I doubt that anyone ate them in Italy. I’ve had other Muscat grapes but none as good as SM.

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Muscatel grapes, table grapes are very popular in Europe. Never tried wine grapes.

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We eat our wine grapes. They are smaller but very sweet.

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I’m going to rate the fruit trees in my yard that are producing and not based on trees I planted or varieties I’ve tasted so far

PeachyKeen peach - brix around 15-19 in late June/early July
Midknight Valencia (at least that’s what I think it is. Year around citrus from a >20y old tree is hard to beat)
Multi-grafted figs (Started tasting some good varieties this year and they are amazing!)
Guavas (Red Malaysian and Lemon - surprisingly consistent in my marginal climate)
Brambles (good productivity and taste)
Frederick passionfruit (juice lasts through winter)

The last 2 are not trees. Hopefully, the apricots, pluots, nectarines, mulberries and mandarins will bubble up to the top after they start producing.


How are you growing Pomelo, Jaboticaba and Mandarin in zone 6? Are they house plants part of the year? Interesting that you list Pomelo as a favorite. Maybe be I haven’t had the right variety but the ones I’ve tried taste like bland grapefruit.

I mostly grow apples…

  1. Chieftain
  2. Orleans Reinette
  3. Karmijn de Sonneville
  4. King of the Pippens
  5. Kidd’s Orange Red
    2-5 are interchangeable depending on which one I have in my hand.
    Also high up are Baldwin, Westfield, and Empire.
    I will eat a Bosc if some one has one!
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They stay outside for about 7 months, than in the Greenroom for the rest of the growing season, 5 months. Greenroom is a converted workshop with plenty of led shop lights.

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How much heat does the Jaboticaba need to fruit. I was looking at them last spring, but wasn’t sure if it’d work or not.

My Greenroom stays all winter at 68*, night and day. It’s flowering now inside.


Mandarin - Japanese Seedless
Pomegranate - Parfianca.
Peach - Elberta
Mulberry - Black English
Cherry - Lapins

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Dan, I judge a fruit by how much I enjoy it, it doesn’t have to be the most delicious one. There are plenty of fruits that taste better but are a p,i,t,a to eat. Members usely frown my choices. It’s interesting theirs.
I have eaten a bunch of store bought apples, still think Melrose is my choice and that’s going back years. Grew one on m111, m27 interstem, Melrose.