Raven Blueberry

The indigo crisp has come available. Has anyone found a source for the raven that doesn’t require buying a hundred?

Tx I grew Raven one yr. That’s all it took before I gave it away. Huge berry but like most huge fruit totally tasteless. The other new one I’d like to try is Kestrel.

I was mostly interested in the late bloom…I ordered a springhigh and sweetcrisp after reading your comments. I will scrub raven from the list.

I also have tasted Raven, but on a very young plant. I’ll verify it was tasteless. I will give it another year however, since it does bear late and I’d like to extend the season in that direction. I also have read that in taste tests it did well (???).

I read the favorable taste ratings too,but they may all have come from the breeders. pLEASE POST AFTER ANOTHER YEARS GROWTH.