Real issue or imaginary concern

Two jewel black raspberries. One looks a bit chlorotic compared to the other.

my ohio treasure always looks like that then darkens when the leaves grow out. so does my cascade gold y. raspberry.


This will be my first bearing year. So that’s good to know.

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These are both supposedly “Jewel”.

The more “chlorotic” looking one has MUCH weaker primocane growth so far. Even the canes themselves are a slightly different shade. Kind of makes me wonder if it’s even the right variety. It’s definitely a black raspberry, but doesn’t look like the other Jewels I have seen.

It’s definitely not Bristol, because I have a few of those, and those are much more vigorous and have reddish new primocane growth. I also have Cumberland and it doesn’t quite look like that, either.

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I would suspect mosaic virus , or possibly round up ?

Haven’t had roundup near them. Mosaic would be odd this quickly (only second full season in the ground).