Real Organic Project Podcast Episode Discussion

Most of the videos I see from this channel inspire and interest me, Often i want to dive deeper into the topics and what better place to do that than this forum? I know some people don’t give a hoot about organic, but the topics are often much broader and still would interest even a conventional pesticide using grower I would think.

So the idea is that we share a video and discuss the topics within for better understanding and continued exploration of the topics. Share our questions we have lingering after the podcast has come to an end. Just share a link to the video and share questions etc.

Real organic project youtube channel:

Here is the most recent video, I’d like to dive into the Codling moth virus biocontrol, can someone find the studies, is it accessible for small farmers? will it be a long term solution? thoughts?

What is this growing your own fertility topic, is it even possible when exporting crops for sale?

This interview has a nice contrast of a dogmatic OG organic interviewer and a mixed approach interviewee that is saying most organic operations are just using animal manure that is put in non organically grown crops into the animal and once it is shat out it is organic material.

Also interesting talk about organic vegetable strip till research which i would like to see a continued conversation of here if people are educated or interested in the topic.

Here is another good talk hosted by Real Organic movement.

Hazelnuts, annual crops and chickens driving ecosystem approaches. Highlighting that we are up against an intellectual insurgency in society. Pretty fast paced talk and he touches on a lot of what I think people in this forum agree with. Check it out.