Reblooming persimmon

This young American Persimmon pushed some new growth and flowers. It’s a boy, right?
<img src="//" width=“562” height=“1000”

Looks male to me.

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Yep. It is a male with a cluster of three flowers.


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Of course, a sex change operation is quite easy with persimmons in the field!

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Haha, I plan to graft it over if I can scions. Maybe Prok.

I have a lot of native trees growing on my property. I find that a very high percentage of them are female at heart but trapped inside the body of a male. Most embrace their new role in live and grow vigorously. I grafted Prok to a native tree about an inch in diameter. It is in its third leaf this year and has a couple persimmons on it.

I like it! I have 2 that were kaki at heart and have changed over. Hoping to add a virginiana and Nikita’s Gift.