Rebuilding site tonight FYI

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In looking into this I need to increase a few parameters given that we have more activity than when it was originally set up. The machine itself is showing little load so with some tuning I should be able to get things going better. But it may take a few days to tune it.

Anyway, the site will be down for 10 minutes or so when I rebuild it later tonight.

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OK, updated! We now have six unicorn workers instead of a mere 3 (they handle page requests), and I doubled the size of the database cache so more stuff will be in memory as opposed to on disk.

Please follow up here if you are still getting a lot of page load problems. It seems a bit faster to me. Or maybe I’m just slow in the morning.


The page loading problem cleared up for me.

I noticed that a couple of other things changed. The first is inconsequential. The appearance of the emojis changed. I doubt if anyone cares about that one way or the other. :smiley: The smiley is just to show that they are different.

What might affect and make a difference to others, though is that notifications no longer just pop up. I no longer get the green bullet advising how many new PM’s are waiting to be read, nor does the blue bullet appear to indicate how many notifications are awaiting. That does make a difference in ease of use. It’s now necessary to click on my User Icon in the upper right corner in order to check whether there is anything new directed to me. It could just be my system reacting that way. If it also affects others, the odds of having PM’s go unnoticed will increase.

Last, and related to the above, but also minor, is that the number of new topics and replies since last refreshing no longer shows. For me, that necessitates more frequently refreshing the page, but might not bother others.

I definitely like the new emojis, the older “grin” always looked like bared teeth not a grin; new one is better
:grin: :grinning:

I would log out and back in and hopefully the green/blue dots start working again for you - they are working for me, I just did a test PM and now I have a green dot.

There were a few other things I noticed new, the @MuddyMess_8a quotes are now in a bolder greyed font.