Received Scions

I received my scion order from Cummins the other day. The scions were pricey but very nice and large. Also got 10 myro rootstocks that were nice.


So what scion did you order? I had wanted to see what was sent for an order, to see how costs shook out.

Au Rosa plum and Lavina plum plus 10 myrobolan rootstocks. The rootstocks were $3.45 each, which is a decent price. I ordered a few of each scion since the price per stick goes down quite a bit if you order more than 1 of a variety, but since I can get 5 or more grafts from each stick, I’ll probably just order one in the future. Their variety of plum scions this year was impressive.

So what they send is 20-22" per scion? That’s what I really want to figure out, is their high price for scion worth it. People have said it’s nice, but no one else had a photo. If all of their scion is double the length or better, plus good looking, it -is- worth it.
I got some from an unnamed place that was -exactly- the 8 inch length, seemed to be cut by ruler. They didn’t even care that the scion was cut through a bud both top and bottom, and it was thin.

I also received scions from Cummings this week and Surprised @ the size and length. My scion length were 25" long and from 5/16"-3/8" dia. I am very pleased .