Recently planted 5 feet grown pears tree is struggling now in my garden

I have planted a Pears tree bought from a market in my garden (Manchester, UK). the tree was about 5 feet grown already with a couple of leaves on it. After plantation, in a couple of days, it started growing its leaves but from the last two days, I m noticing its leaves are like eaten by some insect or leaves don’t open properly (some of them). I believe there is something that went wrong with it.
Kindly, help me out it’s my first experience with the plantation.

There are lots of things that will eat on your trees. Can you describe the damage, or maybe post a photograph? Of course, a description of the culprit would be good, too. You might cut open one of the leaves that’s not opening properly and see if there’s a larva.

Good luck, and Welcome!

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Does it look like what the RHS describes here?


picture added in main tread

kindly have a look at the picture i have added in main question and let me know if it Pear Blister Mite

Others here have more experience than I do, but that’s what it looks like to me. I’ve been getting the same thing on my pears, especially on trees that have been recently grafted or transplanted (pears take a while to establish themselves). Obviously it’s not ideal, but according to the RHS, “although heavily infested trees may look unhealthy, the mite has little impact on the tree’s health or ability to produce fruit and control is not necessary.”

In my experience, the trees generally outgrow the issue both over the course of the season and from year to year. However, I think I’ve seen some people suggest that applying horticultural oil in fall and early spring can be helpful. Maybe someone can offer some perspective on that?

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That is pear blister mites. Sulfur or lime sulfur spray is an effective treatment.


thanks for that, can i get it from Tesco or Asda or is there any special time when i have to spray it or i can do it any time i want and how many times i have to spray in which quantity?
Kindly let me know i really appreciate that.

I don’t know what they sell in Manchester England. I assume micronized sulfur will be easier to find. It is very fine powder form of sulfur.

You mix it with water and spray on leaves. Spray a couple of times now may help. Usually spray should be done about the time before leaves open.

Timing is important. I sprayed a bit too early this year. Some leaves are still affected. They look bad but won’t kill the tree.


sure I ll find it out and I hope it will solve the problem. Also best of luck with your tree. Thanks for help

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