Recommendations fruit varieties for growing in pots zone 6b?

What are some fruit and berry varieties that can be grown in containers in zone 6b United States West Virginia?
I would over winter them in my garage. So far I have figs and blueberries growing in containers.


Fukushu kumquats will need light over the cool season but a good choice. Why not grow in ground for blueberries

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Honeyberries come to mind…but no need to bring them inside.

I’m in 6b up in eastern Washington. I have figs, olives, Meyer lemon and avocado. they all go in the insulated hoophouse over winter. they’re all ok as long as it stays between 40-45° in there

Here’s a weird one…

Suhosine Mulberry. Not a morus plant, but a plant in the nettle family.

I have one in a 5-gal home depot bucket. I have had it a couple years now and it had bloomed and fruited twice (though it did so while in the basement). I got to try 2 and they were good, but my inconsistent watering the first time it fruited stopped me from getting any ripe ones.

Propagation is easy. Bend a stem (but don’t rip it off), let it callous and then put into damp soil. I’ve rooted 3 more plants with ease and no losses.

I have Chilean guava in pots and they are doing well, but I haven’t gotten fruit yet.

Figs are easy in pots and I bring them in and out (with the above plants) each winter.