Recommended pumice particle size for growing blueberries in pots

I would like to start an experiment this season in order to determine performance cost relationship for various soil mixtures. For one mixture I would like to test pumice against perlite . My pots have 8 gal. volume… (I am planning to use 1/3 of the volume with pumice) .A friend of mine recommended the size of a walnut. Isnt it a bit big? What would you recommend?

Drew51 likes to use coarse D.E in his potted plants. i bought some and ave. particle size is about 1/4in. i think pumice would act the same but i think that size is a little too big? id say no bigger than 1/2in. would be best.

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It is a little big, but pumice acts just like DE, except DE can hold more water for it’s weight.
Also rooting in pure DE has turned into a God send. Everything is rooting, it works really really well! It’s extremely good for those that tend to over water cuttings they are trying to root. You can’t overwater DE in an open system, it just drains off even if you watered hourly. I would not suggest this practice though! :slight_smile:

I like using Pumice for my cacti, I mix pine bark, pumice, DE, and I like to add river rock too, but sometimes just some pea gravel. That is my mineral mix for cacti. Sometimes I add lava rock too.


good to know! I’m just about to start too root your cuttings and some illni. everbearing mulberries.

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Here’s Paratjal Rimada fig on 03-18-19 in pure DE

Here it is today after up potting (04-09-19). It was windy today and it is a little dry. I’ll water in a minute.


What’s components are going to make up the other part?
There is a nursery nearby and they don’t like the way perlite floats up when watered in a pot,so they use and recommend pumice,but for me it’s okay.
For Blueberries,I let Pine bark size determine the aeration and drainage abilities of the mix.It’s less

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I’ve had good success growing containerized blueberries in 100% sphagnum peat moss for the past four years. Perhaps you could try a couple that way as well.

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Thank you for all of the comments.

My aim is actually to reduce the initial investment cost as much as I can without compromising fruit quality and overall yield much. Because I am targeting at least 10000 bushes for planting after the experiment. I am trying various mixtures of peat moss, coco peat, pine bark (2 sizes), perlite and pumice (in order of decreasing price here in Turkey). I am using pine needle as mulch.

Are you planning to grow the 10,000+ plants in containers for their entire productive life?

No … in 8 gallons container for the first 5 years and then in 16 gallons containers…

how long did you leave it in pure D.E before uppotting into a bigger pot with a mix?