Reconnecting broken grafts?

Hello, hope everyone’s having a good summer.
A couple of unbraced persimmon grafts that grew about 2 ft broke off clean from the wind . One was desiccated but the other happened in the rain and was still very green when I found it.
Questions are can they be reattached?..has anyone had success doing this? Should I just make a fresh cut on the original piece of scion or should I use the new green wood? thanks to all
Ps brace your grafts🙂

i had had good experience re-attaching branches that broke during bending. But that’s immediately after the brake.

If also used broken branches as scions for summer grafts. (cleft, W&T and chip) But then i remove the leaves to avoid desiccation.

I’m not sure how it will go when you just reattach at the brake if some time has passed. I’d be afraid the tissue at the brake might be desiccated or damaged. And sooner cut a new graft, then use the braking point to re-attach if that makes sense.


i had a 3 yr. old sour cherry snap off in the middle of the trunk. was only held on by a 1/2in. piece. no idea how it happened but i rejoined it and braced it with 2 2ft. pieces of bamboo. wrapped it well in parafilm and some electrical tape. by fall it was good as new and produced cherries the next spring. been fine ever since.

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Have also had grafts take fine when reattached soon after the break. In this case, though, I regrafted. Cut off broken part, started with new cuts on to same limb.

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