Red Rebel

Red Rebel ripening per Red Rebel — Salt Spring Apple Company Ltd

Red Rebel Facts

Its origins

Unknown origins, likely in Alabama, USA, sometime before 1930.

Flavour, aroma, texture

The greenish-white flesh is fine-grained, crisp and fairly juicy, with a subacid flavour. The skin tends to be bitter, so it is best eaten peeled.


This small to medium-sized apple is mostly covered with purplish-red skin colouring.

When they’re available

Mid-season (usually in late September).

Quality for fresh eating


Quality for cooking

Mainly used for fresh eating.


RR might be an under rated apple for our area. I just finished eating the larger one and it was very good. I didn’t notice any bitter peeling but the peel was a little tougher than others. Very sweet with just a little tart. Appears to be disease resistant.


I used to grow RR years ago, but the tree died on me. I
remember that it had a good crunch.


I had two trees of these in my little orchard. One died from cotton root rot and it’s right next to the other one. So I’m pretty certain that other one will bite the dust next summer. Positively the trees last year didn’t appear to be suffering from the heat. Thanks for posting your report. I’m going to imagine eating of those apples.

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Wow wonderful info thank you! Did you store this or is this fresh?

My small crop of Red Rebel for 2022. These weren’t bagged and are not as clean looking as before.


I ate both and they were delicious. Sweet with a little wine taste. The peel is a little tougher than some other apples. This year I loved the taste.


I’m getting rid of liberty, which though I love the taste is an insect magnet, has suffered from bad fireblight two years in a row, has the unfortunate habit of turning red well before ripe leading to birds sampling it, and only sets a few fruit despite blooming heavily every year. Red rebel is one of the ones I’m looking at as a replacement. How much did you spray to get those? Sooty blotch and flyspeck, which is what I think you have, are both things I can live with.


You’re right about Red Rebel. It was sooty looking but the taste was good. I like the taste of Pink Lady and Goldrush a little better but Red Rebel is good also. I didn’t spray my apples this year but normally I bag most of them. The person I got the original scions from had a small u pick orchard with Yates and Red Rebel and he told me he never sprayed them. I’m planning to graft in a few more limbs this winter. I’ll check today and I think I have enough grafting wood for both of us if you’re interested in using scions.