Red Romaine lettuce without red? Tromboncino

First time to grow lettuce so were my seeds label incorrect or do the leaves get red with age?

Got my indoor seed planting timeline incorrect for tromboncino squash. Everything else germinates and sits idle for 1-2 weeks with only a little growth. The squash germinates and immediately starts to grow. Looks like they will be moving to larger pots soon.


Leaves later will be redder.



is it a first time you plant Trombonsino? If so, you will be surprised. I plant one and I have enough of fruit to feed at least two families. It is a monster.


I live in a large subdivision and I share all my excess with my neighbors. Last year my excess was mostly muscadines.


Do you have enough space to plant 4 of them? Each will easy cover 10X10, and could go to 20X20 depending on the soil and water. The fruit (especially if grown on trellis, so they hanging down) can grow up to 3’ long.

I don’t have enough space for all of the plants. Probably plant all of them and later on thin out, leaving the best 2 vines.

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I germinated a couple of seed last year but I decided not to do anything with them. I’m a little better prepared this year.

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