Redbud blooms third year from seed

I grew this redbud from locally (Maryland) collected seed in winter/spring 2016. It’s now getting ready to bloom. Just a few blooms, but I’m still impressed!


I love redbuds. They are a great tree. Local seed is the best for them, I think. I have a cultivar called “The Rising Sun.” It has neat yellow/orange/redish new growth throughout the summer. Unfortunately it must have been a more southern selection so its flowers tend to get frozen out here. They also aren’t deep pink like most seedlings, they are more of a light pinkish color. The growth habit of my tree is weird too. It puts out too dense of growth and mid-summer the foliage bends the branches.

I’m growing seedlings too, but with very limited success.

They grow in the cracks in my sidewalk (not where I want them) but struggle to germinate when potted up. I only have a few potted weaklings so far.

Wow! Looks like they grew quickly. How tall are they? I have some seeded in refrigerator. On my to-do list. Unfortunately my list gets longer every year not shorter!

About 5’, almost 1” caliper at the base.

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I’m guessing with the 80° weather forecast for Friday and Saturday, it should be in full bloom this weekend.