Redflesh Apple

Among the various red fleshed apple scions I grafted last year was one called “Redflesh” from Geneva. It turns out to be one the more vigorous trees I tried, and I am debating whether to plant it outside here or find a warmer home for it.

I’ve tried to find info on this variety and have not been successful. Orangepippin lists it as the parent of a few other red fleshed apples but does not have an entry on it that I could find. I’d like to know a bit more about it, things like cold hardiness, early or late season apple, size and quality of the fruit, etc.

Anyone on the forum familiar with this variety?


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I gave away my ‘Arborose’ as is was eaten badly by rabbits its first year (during the winter). I am very suspect of my ‘Scarlet Surprise’. It blossomed this past spring, but the flowers were small, not the size of a standard sized apple. I really think it is a large crab. All of the fruits dropped this year. Next year when I am not here it will fruit.

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Of course, just to spite you!