Reed Avocado


Excellent information Richard. I eat an avocado nearly every day for lunch. I know I will never make it cost effective to grow my own avocados in zone 8, but it is on my bucket list.


Do avocados shed most of their leaves during blooming? It seems that they do that to expose more of the inflorescence for pollination. Then in a short while comes the new leaves.


In the continental U.S., avocado is one of the least profitable fruits to grow unless you are one of the few ranchers with a lucrative Japanese contract. The profit margin for efficient growers here in San Diego county is only 8 cents per fruit.

Avocado trees with heritage from southern Mexico (e.g. Chiapas) through central America have a tendency to molt around April – as do some other fruiting trees from that region; e.g., White Sapote.


It’s been warming up around here and today 3 near-ripe fruits dropped from our tree. They range in weight from 1.2 to 1.6 pounds. :slight_smile:


Three more dropped off today for a total of six :slight_smile:


I cut open a 1.5 pounder this evening


almost a month later, my reed tree remains 27" tall, but it’s put out a few new gorgeous leaves, which have such a sheen to them that they look artificial.

i figure the tree is establishing its roots and beginning to overcome transplant shock.

had to dispatch a small green caterpillar that was surely engaging in malfeasance under those beautiful leaves.




taken more than a couple weeks ago. virtually a baby pikchur. or maybe a toddler pikchur.


Looks happy!


Our tree gifted us another 1.4 lb’er today. We had no idea it was hanging in there! :laughing: