Reference thread for named mulberries? - Trees, fruit, age, pruning suggestions, harvest reports

Hey folks. @Livinginawe has created an amazing website for mulberry growing and collected a good amount of small variety descriptions, but I am having no luck finding any pictures of trees, young or old, leaves, pruning strategies for keeping them in check, and much more than a few pictures of the fruit of a few varieties. What I did notice is Googling about fruit kicks you back to this wonderful forum quite a bit. I was wondering if y’all could add to this thread about any named mulberries varieties that you grow. Pictures, the age of your trees, your pruning strategies, location/zone, when does it break dormancy on average, and maybe even harvest reports. I think it would be a great resource in addition to the website


Great idea! The only named one I have is a Pakistani but I don’t have pics of it. I’m looking forward to this thread unfolding.