Reinette Grise du Canada apple

Bought an espaliered reinette grise du Canada apple. A totally russeted apple. The apple’s look like golden fruit due to its russeting. Does anyone else grow this apple.? I am hoping it will pollinate my Caville Blanc d’hiver .


Is the reinette grise du Canada the same as Canadian reinette? If so, Keepers Nursery in the UK lists Calville Blanc d’hiver as a pollination partner for Canadian reinette, BUT, it also lists Canadian reinette as being a triploid, so it wouldn’t pollinate the Calville Blanc.

Here is a link to Keepers’ list of pollination partners for Calville Blanc.

Hope this is helpful.


Thanks, I have the same list. They are both zone 4 pollinators in France. I will find out next spring. :partying_face:


Funny how different the information can be in different places. And of course, you can always graft!

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Canada Reinette (the Gris is just a sport) is definitely a triploid. So it won’t pollinate anything.

Both are great tasting apples but both are horrible rotters so I removed them.


Scott, I was so afraid of that. We have little humidity here, and both apples grow well in my area. According to two French sites they should pollinate each other. Reinette Grise du Canada is not a triploid. There is a chance. I just had being overloaded with apples all of the time. My Lemon, peach, mirabelle all have fruit and I am just hoping to keep it. I’m pretty sure they will drop but they were just planted. I love hearing from you. Our zone 9 and California’s is very different. Very dry here! Xxoo miss you, C

Also, my Reinette is not listed as a triploid. I will hand pollinate next spring and grit my teeth and buy another dwarf apple. Ugh!!!

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Can you get Gold Rush over there? Might be late enough to overlap bloom time, natural semi-dwarf, fairly precocious (one of my two graftlings bloomed all over in its 4th leaf - better soil than the other) & quite useful. Quite a contrast to Calville Blanc d’Hiver & Canada; sort of a new kid on the block.

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Thanks haven ‘t seen it yet!

Court Pendu Rose was tested at the WSU cider apple trials in my state. Late bloom, better cropping and all-round durability than Court Pendu Plat, natural semi-dwarf.

The English Crawley Beauty is very late to bloom, Dumelow’s (Dumeller’s) Seedling is mid-late to bloom. Lamb Abbey Pearmain & Glockenapfel (Pomme Cloche) have extended mid-season bloom. Lamb Abbey is a tiny tree.
I just succeeded to graft Ananas this season; also mid-season bloom. You might inquire as to its length of bloom time for overlapping Canada and CBd’H. Its vigor is also naturally small - tree & fruit.

(You probably already know Orléans R. is triploid. Matches your bloom time, but…)


Thanks so much!

On the other hand, Reine des Reinettes is said to be partially self-fertile (for another in the category of well-regarded old French apples).

What I do not know is the bloom time for RdR. Chances are it is somewhere in the middle - the Bell curve of probability - but would it extend to overlap RdCanada?

According to the Keepers list, which I’m referring to because Mrs. G is in Europe (though not in the UK), RdR/King of the Pippins should pollinate both Calville and Canada and be pollinated by Calville.

RdR bloomed for us for the first time this year, and from that very limited experience, it seemed to have a pretty long bloom period, mid-late to late comparing with other things in the neighborhood.


Heck, mrsg, I write to you as if you were French all your life, when you moved there only rather recently from the US. Of course you’d know about Gold Rush.

Only trying to help…

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Love it !