Relocating a garden through air layering

I have several fruit bushes in my backyard- currants, gooseberries, haskap, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, romance series shrub cherries, and a tayberry. I would love to relocate these to the cabin, but our backyard is being taken over with gout weed and I do not want to bring that to the cabin. I was thinking about air layering…apart from the currants and gooseberries (I have cuttings from them), which of these would be candidates for air layering? Also, when do I do it? Our growing season is very behind the rest of North America - lupine and roses are just starting to bloom. Strawberries are not ripe yet.


Not familiar with gout weed, but you could bare root and transplant when dormant.

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Gout weed is a horribly invasive ground cover. Even a tiny piece of root will lead to the plant growing. As a result, I am hesitant to take anything that was planted In the ground- hence cuttings and air layering. This weed has smothered my rose garden, destroyed 3 other flower beds, and is now taking over the vegetable garden, and grassy area. We spent years pulling it out, and it wasn’t making any difference, so the past two years we have resigned ourselves that our beautiful gardens are finished.

Romance cherries are trivially easy to propagate through root cuttings. I have tried air layering and other sorts of cuttings without success